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Cost : $ 2500
Manufacturer : Avtomat Kalashnikov
Ammo type : 7.62mm Slugs
Ammo capacity : 30/90
Weight : 4.79 KG
Damage : 32
Armor modifier : 0.16
Rate of fire : 8.60 rounds/sec
Reload Time : 2.46 sec
Accuracy : Very low


One of my favourite weapon. This gun is cheap, fast, extremely powerful and can be pretty accurate if you know how to use it. It uses 7.62mm slugs, which will punch through kevlar like papers. 4 shots to the chest or 1 shot to the head means death. So, how to use this weapon ? Remember, always stand still and tap and shoot in burst and don't shoot continuously, as the bullets will spread like hell. For medium distance, use 2-3 shot burst, then wait untill the crosshair concentrate, and shoot again. For close-quarter combat, just aim your enemy at their chest ( or head if you're good enough ) and punch all the bullets to his body. For long distance, duck if necessary and shoot in burst. A T who has mastered this gun can be quite a problem to the CTs.