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Steyr Aug


Cost : $ 3500
Manufacturer : Steyr
Ammo type : 5.56mm NATO
Ammo capacity : 30/90
Weight : 4.09 KG
Damage : 28
Armor modifier : 0.18
Rate of fire : 8.47 or 6.35 ( zooming mode) rounds/sec
Reload Time : 4.39 sec
Accuracy : Low


Also one of my favourite weapon. Main assaulting weapon of CTs. It's almost same as SG-552 Commando, but it is more accurate in zooming mode, and the Commando is more accurate in normal mode. This gun is very useful both in CQC and long-distances combat. The only problem is that it takes a damn long time to reload. Do not reload unless the number of ammo left is less than 15 (or 10 if you dare).