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MP5 Navy


Cost : $ 1500
Manufacturer : Heckler & Koch
Ammo type : 9 mm Parabellum
Ammo capacity : 30/120
Weight : 3.42 KG
Damage : 19
Armor modifier : 0.37
Rate of fire : 10.94 rounds/sec
Reload Time : 2.70 sec
Accuracy : Average


One of the most popular ( also the most useful weapon in CS 6.0, but in 1.1, I doubted it...) weapon in CS. Low price, average damage and accuracy makes this weapon a bargain when you have insufficient fund. When using this weapon, try to shoot your opponent by his head, as you'll need quite some time to get rid of him if shoot him by his body. Also, try to move as frequent as you can since this weapon has an average accuracy even when moving. I suggest not to tap with this weapon. Just push the trigger and punch all your bullets to your enemy.