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Cost : $ 3500
Manufacturer : Sig Arms
Ammo type : 5.56mm NATO
Ammo capacity : 30/90
Weight : 3.1 KG
Damage : 28
Armor modifier : 0.18
Rate of fire : 11.60 rounds/sec
Reload Time : 3.20 sec
Accuracy : Low


Also one of my favourite weapon. Main assaulting weapon of Ts. Although it has moderate power, it's fast and has one level of zooming. My advice is zoom only if the enemy is quite far away. Do not zoom in CQC. Duck if necessary. If you're fighting with more than 1 enemy, retreat as you shoot, but if you're dealing with one enemy, duck and shoot him by his body or head. Usually, the person who hit his enemy first will be the winner. So, don't panic, stay calm and shoot in burst.