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News of July

Review of Final Fantasy : The Spirit Within ( 27/07 )

Last Sunday, 5 of the LP members, including me myself, went to Ipoh to watch the movie " Final Fantasy ". Since I'm fond of RPG series of FF, I decided to post an article here to talk about this movie. Well, in my opinion, Final Fantasy : The Spirit Within, was indeed a great movie. It has great graphic ( lot of people said that the character were not real. Hey man, the character are REAL , especially Doc Sid. And what do they think Squaresoft is ? A filming company ? A video game company just make a damn good movie and I think that deserve a salute ) and the story are quite good too. I got to know what those phantoms actually were as the story goes on. The idea of finding spirits to neutralise the phantom's energy was good too, and the landscapes of the movie were brilliant. The barrier city was one of the most beautiful and creative scene I've ever seen in any movie. Also, the music was very good ( althought I prefer Mr. Nobuo Uematsu to be the music composer ) and I liked the ending theme " The Dream Within " very much. Overall, this is a great movie.


News about Moh ( 20/07 )

Last Friday, Leader of the LP clan - J.S.Moh came back to Langkap and some news of him has been gathered by the LP reporter at once. First, the fan of his PC was broken and now his 1 Ghz AMD Athlon could only reached the speed of 750 Mhz. Secondly, he had bought a new cellular phone. Anyone who want his phone number please contact me.


The return of Gila ( 20/07 )

Surprise ! Our great fighter Gila ( K.C.Tham ) had come back to Teluk Intan !! After ONE day of study in Sam Tek, he decided to return to St.Antony. According to him, the main reason he came back was that all the Sam Tek's students were too handsome and hardworking, and he can't stand the tense environment there......


K.C.Tham moved to Ipoh ( 13/07 )

One of our greatest fighter, K.C.Tham ( also known as Gila or Lan ) will be moving to Sam Tek high school, Ipoh next Tuesday. Hopefully, he will become more skillful after training in Ipoh's cycber cafe. Good luck to him.....


Hot ! C.W.Yee beat W.L.Ng for the first time !! ( 13/07 )

Last sunday, the LP members teammed up and went to play CS as usual. W.L.Ng ( also known as AUG Leong, but the LP members always called him Fukking Leong or Big Head ), has been pitifully defeated by his biggest enemy, C.W.Yee, with a result of 10 frags more than him. That day, C.W.Yee had achieve his greastest frags over death which was 60 over 40. However, W.L.Ng seemed to be quite disagreed with th result and blamed that there was a lot of tough players in C.W.Yee's team.....


4 of the LP members got sick ( 6/07 )

Last week, 4 of the LP members were sick, including the webmaster TKM. The first person to be reported sicked was C.W.Yee and followed by H.O.Cha, Y.H.Chan and W.L.Khoo. The cause of this disaster was the cold weather. Besides, the super-air-conditioned cycber cafe which was the favourite of the LP members also helped spreding the virus to the LP members and weekened their body defend system.....


C.W.Yee nearly beat W.L.Ng !! ( 6/07)

Last Sunday, 6 of the LP members went to some cycber cafe and played CS there for almost 2 hours. C.W.Yee ( also known as Red Alert ), who always wished to defeat W.L.Ng, nearly made his goal when he successfully gained his best result ( 19 frags and 29 deaths ), while W.L.Ng got a 20 + frags and 20 + deaths. According to C.W.Yee, he had been practise for more than 5 hours a week at home now it turned out that all his effort were worthy. His next mission was to eliminate W.L.Ng within this two months, which the webmaster thought was not a mission impossible.....