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News of December

Yeah !!! Over 1000 people had visited LP Arena !!! I can still remember the day when I first made the index of this homepage. Okay, it's time to do some major update. Be prepared to see some new things..... ( 10 -12 )
Movie Review : Harry Potter and the sorceress's stone - I like this movie. It has great story and the actors were doing well too. I really look up to the writer as she could create a world with magic, wizard and yet makes us believe in it. And the wizard, it sure is fun to study in it. A must to all readers of the books. Go and watch this movie ! ( 2 - 12 )
Moh came back to Langkap yesterday and had played CS with me. It seems like he haven't practice for a cuople of months and was not as good as old time. I showed him the lastest version of LP Arena and Idol Inn and he really liked them. If a decent boy like Moh likes the pretty Idol I posted, then I'm sure other INDECENT LP members ( G.F.Chye, W.L.Ng, W.W.Wan.... etc ) will sure love it .... ( 2 - 12 )