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News of May

New member of LP clan ( 24/05 )

New member has joined the LP clan, and his name is C.W.Yee. Now he's under drastic training and hasn't ready to fight yet, so he has no information in the LP clan section. He will become a legal member after he complete the LP CS lesson which will takes about 2 weeks. So now, there are 18 members. Hopefully, there'll be more skillful ppl to join our clan.....


First fight in KL ( 23/05 )

( This news was sent to YhChan from wangsamaju by W.W.Wan ) The LP members had overpowered the Wangsamaju Cafe !!!According to W.W.Wan, the KL LP reporter, the LP members who had moved to TAR College had successfully conquered some cycber cafe in Wangsamaju. While playing there, one of the LP member, K.Y.Chong ( also called as BigHead ), beat all the ppl and obtained the highest ranking. Also on another day, our leader - the super PC maniac J.S.Moh, got the first place with superior numbers of frags over deaths ( +100 / -20 ). This is a good news to hear, but I think the main reason why the LP clan conquered the Wangsamaju cafe so easily was because the TAR college hasn't reopen yet, so most of the ppl there were newbie and the LP members haven't met the REAL guys yet. Meanwhile, 6 of the Langkap LP members are moving to KL to visit the LP members there this holidays, and they can see how good the KL members's skill are......


Here comes a new challenger ( 19/05 )

C.W.Yee, a resident in Langkap, said that he will challenge and defeat all the LP members after the mid-year holiday. According to him, he has bought a new PC last week and is now training very hard to become the toughest fighter in Langkap. He also said that his first target is to defeat W.L Ng and W.P.Khoo. As a result, W.P.Khoo had had a deal with C.W.Yee this afternoon, and the deal is W.P.Khoo will become C.W.Yee's student and will let him join the LP clan if W.P.Khoo lose to C.W.Yee after the holiday. Personally, I think that C.W.Yee won't be able to defeat W.P.Khoo even after this year ( but for W.L.Ng, I'm not very sure....)


LP Clan has registered to Gameslah Malaysia ( 17/05 )

TKM.YH.CHAN has visit and has registered LP clan under Malaysia CS clan directories. TKM couldn't remembered the exact number LP clan was, but he said is between 460 and 480. So, feel free to visit and find out our LP clan's information there.


Improving of skills among LP CS players ( 11/05 )

According to the latest survey, the skill of LP players has increased by leaps and bounds. 3 of the LP fighter( Fucker Pig, Gila and 009 ) had shown the world how talented they were. With 4 months of practice, now they had become "Tai Ko" ( boss ) and they'll place high in ranking while playing CS. This is a rather good news since the LP clan is slowly but surely develope into a world-class CS clan.....


The Webmaster finally got his driving license ( 8/05 )

TKM.YH.CHAN, the founder of LP Arena, and the reporter of LP Times, now has become a legal driver as he sucessfully passed his driving test this afternoon. As a matter of fact, TKM was the last person to obtain driving license in LP clan. With his great reaction, accuracy and driving skill, he managed to fulfil all the requirements in the test and passed with flying colour, and he's planning to change his nickname to TKM~Grand Prix~Racer..........


5 moved to Rahman College ( 5/05 )

5 members of LP clan will move to KL ( including the leader of LP clan - J.S.Moh )on 6 Mei in order to study in Rahman College. For them, this is a golden chance to explore the world and see how far their CS kungfu go. As the founder of LP Arena, I sincerely hope that they will done well in their study and in the same time improve their CS skill so that the LP clan will become the number 1 CS clan in Malaysia :-)