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News of April

HOT !!! LP clan has been DESTROYED and TERMINATED by Teluk Intan clan ( 24/04 )

9 of the player from the LP clan had gone to a cycber cafe named Cosmxx Leisxx at Teluk Intan last night. At first, they planned to play CS by themselves.Unfortunately, they met 9 strangers who had been identified later as a group of Teluk Intan's CS player. So, the LP gang had tried to eliminate them which they thought at first that it would be a quite-easily-done job. But after a few minutes, they finally got ot the point that those T.I players were not chicken but some TOUGH guy. As a result, the LP players had been SEIZED to death and most of them had a deaths more than frags.As a matter of fact, the LP clan's face was throw by them( chinese terms ). Fortunately, I weren't playing that night so I wouldn't be blame for this.....


Moh finally got his new PC ( 23/04 )

Yeah ! Our great pc maniac J.S.Moh finally buy his new PC and ended his 5 years being of 486 gang. Once , I'm also a 386 gang and we always talk about DOS games. How poor yet wonderful time that was when I play X-COM, Sango and reko3 together......Now with his new powerful AMD 1 Ghz + 128 RAM + GeForce + LTEC Lansing, he can eventually say goodbye to his 486 bachelorhood. And I've got a place to practise my Bunny Hop since my AGP slot were broken....