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News of June

The biggest problem of the LP members(29-06)

Last week, the LP members of Teluk Intan had encountered the biggest problem of their CS hood - financial problem. Most of the LP members have insufficient money to play CS at the cycber cafe. 2 of the LP members, W.P.Khoo (LP) and Y.F.Chang (Fuckerass) had discovered that their fund would show a negative value if they kept on playing CS 3 times a week. So, both of them had decided to stop playing CS for the next week until they overcame the financial problem.


New entertainment in Teluk Intan(23-06)

Last Saturday, W.P.Khoo ( LP ) brougt his Playstation to the rented house of LP members located in Teluk Intan. This was a stunning news to all other LP members because they were all suffered for about 2 months for the lack of entertainment. When the PS arrived, all the LP members rush to the TV and fight for the PS. Each members have to wait for a long time to thier turn ( W.P.Khoo brought only one joystick ). However, this was better than nothing.....


Life in Teluk Intan (23/06)

This news was posted as a reply to all the e-mail that inquire the webamster to unveil the life of the LP members. Since the webamster haven't went to Wangsamaju to explore the condition of the LP members there, now we'll only talk about the LP members in Teluk Intan. 8 of the LP memebers here lived in a rented house while another 2 lived with their relatives. The double-storey house included 3 rooms, 2 toilets, 1 kitchen and 1 living room. There are plenty of space outside the house for us to play badminton. Our entertainment is Television, Badminton, Playstation and of course, Counter-Strike ( play at cycber cafe ). This is all we could tell. The rest is top secret.....


New organization of LP clan (23/06)

The LP clan now has been splited into two main group. One is the TAR college's undergraduates, and another is the Teluk Intan's St.Anthonians. There were 8 LP members in KL and 10 members in Perak. The overall skill of this two groups are practically the same. Every month, all the LP members will be having at least one practice in their hometown- Langkap to share experiences.


USP Leong beats Red Alert ( 15/06 )

Our new member, C.W.Yee, also known as Red Alert, who wanted to defeated USP Leong since he joined the LP clan, had been defeated by USP Leong. So far, the best result C.W.YEE got is 5 frags and 2 deaths and he haven't got more than 10 frags yet. With this poor achievement, he can hardly beats USP Leong who now became more and more powerful....


Moving to Teluk Intan ( 10/06 )

The webmaster had moved to Teluk Intan this morning in order to study at St.Anthony highschool. Due to the lack of time, the webmaster will does less update from now on. However, considering that this website is so popular, the webmaster will try to update at least once a week....