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News of August

The Unstoppable J.S.Moh ( 25/08 )

According to W.W.Wan, our leader J.S.Moh had once again conquer the cafe at Wangsamaju. W.W.Wan said that Moh managed to backstab and kill all the enemy by his own ( all the opposing team were killed by him !! ). The T.Intan members were astounded by this news and we all now looking forward to have a fight with Moh to see how good he really was...


The return of AUG Leong ( 17/08 )

Lately, W.L.Ng ( AUG Leong ) had become more frantic and unstoppable while playing in CS. With AUG ( he likes to join CT ), he managed to acquire pretty good result and always ranked high in the list. Not just C.W.Yee but a large numbers of other LP members had been beaten by him over the last two weeks. The fact is, we can no longer look down to Leong anymore, C.W.Yee must work harder to catch up with him.....


RM 1 for 1 Hour !! ( 17/08 )

Last Wednesday, Cosmox Leisuxx, the official cafe of LP members had launch a coupon promotion. There were 2 types of coupon, which was RM 3 and RM 6 and whoever percahse the coupon can play for RM 1 per hour with the coupon. This astounded the LP members and every LP used all the money they could afford to buy those limitted coupons. Even W.L.Khoo, who has already low in finance, borrowed RM 20 from S.S.Lim to buy coupons. This showed how addicted the LP members was to the game CS...


Review of the movie "Full-Time Killer" ( 11/08 )

I'm typing this after watching the movie entitled " Full-Time Killer " staring Andy Lau and Takashi Sorimachi. Well, you should watch it if you're fond of action movie. The gun-shooting scene were well arranged and breath-taking. Both Andy and Takashi played their role very good. Also, I would like all the LP member to watch this movie because there're lots of sniping scene in this movie. You can see Andy snipe his enemy with AWP just like in CS. Overall, this is a great movie.


Important ! Technical problem of Webmaster's PC ( 04/08 )

My PC seems to have encountered some serious problem. The harddisk sometimes made irritating noise and will jam if operate for a long time. So, all LP members should prepared for the situation that this website will not be updated for a while. I'll continue maintaining this page as soon as my PC get fixed.